Effective Ways of Pain Management

spine-injuryPain can be defined as an awkward and intense sensation caused by strong and damaging stimuli caused due to injuries like falling, stabbing, etc., accidents or due to minor to chromic bodily ailments.

Pain is generally abhorred by all of us and we all are in constant look out for ways to avoid physical pain at any cost. But, alas! It is not always possible and we all have to endure pain may be mild and sometimes chronic in our life. It is at this point, pain management comes in. In this article, we will focus on some of the effective as well as natural pain management ways or options.

Pain management can be broadly categorized as:

  1. Noninvasive pain management – This method deals with the treatment of usually mild to moderate type of pain and can be classified as a. Non-invasive no-drug pain management ways which includes- Exercising including yoga, electro-therapy, cognitive behavioral therapies, skin heating and cooling.

These techniques are most useful in managing mild to moderate pains like body ache, pain in the muscles or joints.

  1. Non-invasive drug pain management– This method of pain management is also considered a very effective one and includes alleviating mild to moderate pain through consumption of various low risk drugs such as- analgesics, NSAIDS, and opioid painkillers such as codeine phosphate, and dihydrocodeine, and drugs that relax our muscles usually prescribed in case of muscle spasms,  to treat neuropathic and muscle pains.
  1. Invasive pain management techniques: Invasive pain management techniques are used for treating or blocking pain that can be standardized as moderate to severe. This type of pain management method is considered as the most effective way to control pain among the available options.

severe-painInjections are the most common way of invasive drug pain management technique. Amongst others – surgical implantation of pain relieving devices (used for treating acute and painful spinal cord disorders), ablation methods (most common- radio frequency radio ablation) are the various common effective medical pain management techniques usually used in severe and chronic ailments in order to make the patient pain free.

These techniques mainly works by blocking the pain causing nerve in the body and hence blocking its sensation.

Apart from the above mentioned pain control remedies and ways of pain management, natural pain management is also considered very effective. These includes, mediation, hypnosis, acupuncture therapy, behavioral therapy and yoga therapy. The natural pain management techniques are not only effective, but it also improves one’s overall health condition significantly and for better.